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Kunstoffenbeurs Brabenthallen 2024, Nederland — September 18 - 19, 2024
Kunstoffenbeurs Brabenthallen 2024, Nederland — September 18 - 19, 2024
Kunstoffenbeurs Brabenthallen 2024, Nederland — September 18 - 19, 2024
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Variable Pitch

For many years Maxi Melt is able to provide custom made screw profiles that take into account the specific needs of processed materials and improves competitiveness of our customers. One of the key characteristics is the varibal pitch with which can determine the time to melt.

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Special Mixer Designs

At the plasticizing proses, the screw together with the tip assembly is one of the most important components of the system as it allows a reproducible production cycle and determines the quality of the molded part. Maxi Melt therefore 2 mixer types to garantee a flawless platicizing and homogeneous melt and is able to save masterbatch usage and therfore reducing costs.

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Conical Core

The conical core garantees a longer gentle plasticizing transition of the polymer and will therefore increase productivity, and mechanical strenght of the products, create energy savings, reduce waste, and improve the aesthetics: In other words optimizing the plasticizing process.

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The advantage of our screw profiles

It’s not simple to develop a plasticizing screw with a geometry for all polymers. OEM’s often offer a standard universal screw with their machine. This so called universal screw is in practice not universal. It is often limited to some basic polymers and do not support the most delicate processes that require speed. Because Maxi Melt has the knowledge of plasticizing processes we can offer screws to optimize your production processes.

+ All polymers are excellent thermal insulators. The melting of the granulate takes time which is in contradiction with the productivity demands of a modern plasticizing process. Maxi Melt wil use a conical core to increase melting length/time of the granulate

+ Maxi Melt screws works with low compression in order to have a gentle transformation without overheating and a variable pitch to determine the right time to melt for the polymers

+ Maxi Melt screw will have standard a mixer at the front for homogisation of the polymer

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Compression ratios and mixing

If the compression ratio is too high it can trigger the degradation processes in the compression zone which in time effects the quality of the end product with for example black spots, decreased mechanical property’s and visual appearance, obviously resulting in more scrap. If the compression ratio is to low, there exists a real risk for unmelted particles and in the mixing zone (metering) the screw often fails to ensure a homogeneous melt,

Maxi Melt has the righ solution to solve this problem and together with various mixer option are we able to offer the right solutions,

Example Screw profiles

Screw design becomes more and more important to solve individual plasticizing demands.

Maxi Melt standard pineapple

For homoganisation and improved plastification we offer starndard a screw with pineaplle mixer at the front.

Maddock and pineapple

To improve masterbatch mixing we use an maddox and pineapple mixer and can in many cases save masterbatch usage.


To have even better mixing we offer the extreme screw with special designed kneading mixing system.

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